no grass ocean

This is my deep deep sea, my gallery. This is my peg board, boardwalk and walk way. This is my quiet room, my farthest corner, my tallest steeple. This is a home, a haven, gutter, my guts. Share and care. This is my collective, my stream of consciousness. Night terrors, beautiful oddities and forbidden fruits. This is just that, and that is all it is. The end.




Ask/tell/request anything of me!

  • Ask me a question
  • Ask me an NSFW question
  • Tell me to post a picture/selfie
  • Send me “would you rathers”
  • Send me “have you evers”
  • Send me “marry, fuck, kills”
  • Send me “this or thats”
  • Ask me what I think about a celebrity or tumblr user.
  • Send me weird/funny/creepy stories
  • Tell me your crush’s description
  • Ask for advice (but I’m shit at it)
  • Ask me to draw a picture.
  • Literally ask me anything
  • Literally

If you ask me one, I’ll ask you one. It’ll be fun.

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